The Good–The Bad — and then BOB

by professor ggrib

Jekyll/Hyde, Ying/Yang, Black/White, Good/Bad…….all the above. It seems like that’s what we are seeing every game. Success or no success, it just seems to depend on who/what shows up for how long every game. The 1/6 game against the Rangers is just the latest example. The Jackets did not play a particularly good game. Never the less they built a 3-1 lead, even loosing too much of the hockey competition of face offs, board battles and forechecking. But they won.

Early in the 3rd period, the hockey puck was bouncing off every facet of the goaltender’s equipment like it was popcorn popping. I doubt that even the good  intentions of the statisticians got a accurate count  on the number of stops Bob made in the madness around the net.  And yet, the Blue Jackets survived the bombardment. True the Rangers got 3 goals, but not in the dig for gold craziness that Bob survived. Without Bob, the Rangers score 2-4 more goals and the Jackets slink out of New York. But at least for the evening, Marshal Bob was back in town.

So it seems we fans are destined to mighty highs and despairing lows  this year as we follow the Blue Jackets through the season. Unless the medical profession has a drug that will cure a whole team from memory lapse when they seem to forget hockey basics and their game plan, we just have to weather the season.

Yes I want to make the playoffs. This year,  not with the expectation of winning the cup, as the Jackets are clearly not on a par with the top teams, but there are players who are giving it their all…. they need to be rewarded. But also for the experience of playing on the playoffs. Springfield found out last year that it takes a whole new gear when you get to the playoffs. The Jackets need to encounter this on their own.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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