Peanut Shells

by professor ggrib

A few misc odds and ends in the wake of the OSU defeat and while we wait for a bowl to pit OSU against Alabama after all.

Just as I mentioned the Johansen and Wiz groups clicking together, Todd Richards decides to split them up more. Jack Johnson looked like he was not up to speed with the Johansen line.

Back to some stats. Even with the 41 SOG Fri nite, the Jackets still trail their opponents 773 to 845 in the YTD SOG.

The back to back shutouts have raised the Jackets predicted points to 82…… maybe just enough????

The Jackets are now shooting at a .088 % shooting rate as a collective team effort. Even at 41 shots the last game, the results are about 10% with the 4 goals.

Johansen kept his finger in the points lead getting 2 assists. The whole team played with energy and a shoot first attitude. Great to see. It was clear they were somewhat protective of their goalie, they need to keep that attitude up.

Springfield continues to lead their division, winning 3-2 Sat nite. I’d expect the Jackets to return a few players soon. Seems to me that Brad Larson could me viewed for a potential NHL position. Hope the Blue Jackets are smart enough to keep him in the fold.

It’s obvious that Foleigno is a huge energy producer. Again, he and Johansen seem to make a great pair.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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