by professor ggrib

We hear a lot about combinations in the hockey world. What combination of players “click” and produce the desired results. What synergy develops to make the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts? To some it seems to make a difference. To others they seem to blend in with everyone. There are a few combos that seem to be developing more and more this year. Here are a few thoughts.

Much was written about the Wisniewski/Murray combo. From training camp it seems like they have been together. At first I wondered if the Wiz had latched onto a rookie to mentor him. Then I wondered if he was a crutch to help an older veteran player look better. Then I wondered if Wisniewski was just smart enough that he analyzed styles and strengths of play and felt they were compatible. About now, I’m thinking it’s a bit of all the above. It is very interesting how the defensive duo is now the backbone of the #1 PP unit and how Murry is emulating the Wiz in winding up and taking the one timer shots from outside just like his mentor.

Another developing combo seems to be Ryan Johansen and Nick Foleigno. They seem to find each other with a look/pass in all types of situation. This years scoring results are showing that fact. True it may be that Ryan is finally developing his skills. but this duo has had a lot of very nifty passing for scoring/attempts and look very good together.

Another combo I’m noticing is the Johansen line and the Wisnieski defensive line together. Not only on the #1 PP unit, but during the 5 on 5 regular game, this is a group that is seeing a lot of time together. And with good results I might add.

It will be interesting what effect the Gaborik and Horton additions will make to the lineup

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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