Springfield Falcons- winning streak reaches 6—-But


Six wins in a row, leading their division……. sounds fantastic. Just lake last year the birds are flying high. Sounds great. The pipeline has been filled it’s just a matter of time until the cream floats to the top and the Blue Jackets ride the crest to the top. Great theory. There is some truth in it. But below the euphoria I have one concern. I hope it’s not completely valid, but at this point the Falcons are winning by scoring by the Blue Jacket formula, scoring by committee. The Falcon’s leading scorer is Jake Hanson with 5 goals. That’s in 17 games. Not bad, but most probably a 3-4 line player in the NHL at best, and that’s certainly a maybe.

Thus my concern is that the Falcons at this time do not have a player that is an upper echelon NHL scoring likelihood.  My point is this, top line talent has not arrived at the AHL level yet for the Jackets. And true, the AHL purpose is to grow skills and develop talent. Cudoes to Brad Larson and his staff again. But long term system talent has not reached Springfield yet. so remember, the blue Jackets are still in a brick by brick mode and the house has a long way to go.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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