Jackets need a new coach—–Larry the Cable Guy

by professor ggrib

Ok, I figgured out some things. This is Todd Richards 3rd partial season. The first 2 partial seasons the Blue Jackets played great hockey for the last quarter of a season. So it just isn’t time to start playing hockey yet. Blue Jacket fans will have to be patient and wait until the last approximately 20 games and then cheer your Jackets on to Victory.

So what to do NOW? The obvious answer is to hire Larry the Cable Guy as coach. Why? Why you say? Very simple, Larry has one thought…….. wait for it…..wait for it ……… “git er done”.  He would not care about fancy passes, he would not care about waiting for Nathan Horton, or Matt, or Boone… it’s simply git er done.

Funny, that’s what the team said last year during their “run”, they simply got it done.

There is some really great individual efforts going on right now.  MacKenzie, Dubinski, Johansen, Murray, to name a few. I honestly suspect that if the team starts to win, the snowball will get bigger and bigger as it rolls to success. But what to do to get the success ball rolling? That’s a tough call. In facto, most of the Jackets team numbers are better than last year through 14 games. Of curse, those 14 games last year were not exactly brimming with success. As I recall, we were pretty much on a path to “blow up the team” and get a good start on rebuilding. You remember the old brick by brick thing. However last year it was 14 of 44 scheduled games. This year it’s 14 of 82 scheduled….. Time to git it fixed. Time to stop all the talk and git er done.

Last year the Jackets were floundering but then came Bob into the impending disaster. Bob built a wall in front of the goal and despite themselves the Jackets started to win and the success ball started to roll and one win followed another and ..and.. and. And every nite they found a way to git er done.

Actually I do have a serious thought. I have stayed away from the Captain/no Captain issue so far. BUT people seem to need a point to rally around. Like “rally round the flag boys”; “remember the Alamo” ; etc. etc.. Last year it was Bob, rally round Bob and we’ll win. So maybe it’s time to name a Captain and rally round him. I think it’s worth the try to stir thing up a bit and give focus.

We’ve lost our way. There are probably a dozen ways to find ourselves, but they all come back to finding a way to accomplish the goal. It’s not a script, it’s not a recipe. It’s a deep seated determination, but a determination that is throughout the room. A never give up, find a way determination.

So, let’s hire Larry and ….GIT ER DONE

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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