Game 14 and the numbers that tell the story–Another Loss!!!

Well, The fans who like fights probably liked the game tonite. the fans who want to win…. not so much. There is only one stat that counts and it is wins. Remember 4 games ago, we had one, now a 4 game loosing streak. We now know  it isn’t the shots on goal [ The Jackets currently have 4 more SOG year to date than the opposition], and it isn’t hits, the Jackets pretty much usually have more hits than the opposition. The Jackets have more goals through 14 games than they did last year @ 14 games. In fact they have won 5 games where as last year they had only won 4 games although both years they have 10 points through 14 games. But disappointment and frustration reign.

Marion Gaborik the 7 million dollar sharp shooter provided the firepower of a wet firecracker again as the Blue Jackets lost their second consecutive game to a back up goaltender. Individually there is some great effort like, Dubinski and Murray. As a line again, the Johansen   line is the only line that consistently provided offense.

Richards will return to his #1 goaltender Thursday. Hopefully Foleigno will be back, and even more hopefully the ex Rangers will take it to their old club and provide the Jackets a win.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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