Big Boy pants was supposed to mean HOCKEY pants


On Oct. 24th I published a post alluding to the fact that the Jackets needed to put on their big boy pants because ……well, this is what I said. ”

In fact, the next 4 games are against QUALITY opponents. The Leafs, Ducks and back to back against the Penguins are going to be a test to see if the Jackets are really going to be able to assert themselves against top teams. Three of the four are at home. Three of the four are against Eastern opponents. [ 2 of the 4 are against the Pens, divisional opponents] And if we are going to become a rival with the Pens, now would be the time.”

The results are in, after winning against the Leafs, the Jackets have failed….and in the last 2 games failed miserably to show they are anything but the shell of the hockey team they were at the end of last year. True, against the Pens they were playing against the best of their division. And also true, the Penguins were in a protect our young goaltender mode last night. But the domination by the Pittsburghites was so complete over 2 games that it left no question of the level of Blue Jacket competence and talent.

Sad but true, fans have been catapulted into a “wait for next year” or at least a “wait until Horton starts playing mode”. I suspect most are even in a “goodby Marion Gaborik” mode, looking for the next star player that can be lured into Columbus who can at least walk on water. Probably the biggest contribution to this feeling was the complete control Pittsburgh exerted over the flow of the game Saturday night.

Is this truly the end of the season? Probably [HOPEFULLY] not. But the fan base was dealt a huge blow. Actually John Davidson’s credibility was dealt a blow too as his famous “we will not be outworked” statement was apparently  trampled on by the stampeding Penguins. Actually the Pens deserve complements more than the Jackets deserve the proverbial ah sh-t. The Jackets did play a lot harder than the stats show. The Penguins are a very good team that went out and executed a game plan to do what they needed to do. The Jackets although appearing inept  actually were simply the victims  of a better team doing what it needed to do to win. —- Go Jackets

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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