Jackets Lose Opener, 4-3 vs Flames.

The 203-2014 season finally started for the Blue Jackets. It’s kinda interesting that the NHL season started without a big hoopla like the NFL and MLB, it just started. Midweek and quietly. The NHL should look at that to find a way to pump up the start of the season, like the 2 Stanley Cup finalists play the opening game of the season- something to generate some hoopla. When the Jackets finally started their season, teams had already played 2 games, yet if you aren’t a big hockey fan, you would hardly know it. I guess there’s something to be said about not starting on top of NCAAF or NFL games, but the season quietly started and let’s let it go at that. I am digressing from the Columbus and Blue Jacket focal point.

Opening ceremonies were extremely well done. I think Columbus fans are getting spoiled by the vast PR of the new Jackets. As the Flames are from Canada, the Canadian national anthem was the first out of Leo’s mouth. If you’ve never enjoyed Leo in person, shame on you.  Noted both national anthems mention God. Seems like when the US was a God fearng nation we had a lot fewer problems.. but again a digression from hockey. Flames scored the first goal. But no heart dropping fears from the fans…. we believe, we believe in Bob. Last year, Nashville scored the first goal on their first shot and all of our hearts dropped.

If you watch the game carefully, you get dizzy watching the line changes. Richards is looking for the advantage against the Flames and looking for Jacket lines that click.

Final Flames 4, Jackets 3. The Kid line was quiet and disappeared quickly.  Biggest problem, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Atkinson was almost non existent. Biggest thing I saw, was last year Bob would have gobbled up at least 2 of the Calvery goals. It’s a new year, and the Jackets need to step it up a notch to win. Let me say, they didn’t quit, but I sure would have liked to see Tim Exerion and of course the rookies need to settle down.


We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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