Now is the time to say–“I wouldn’t wanta be ya”

The decision

by professor ggrib

In case you’re  a hockey fan who has been under a rock the past week, the Jackets have been getting quite a bit of good news from their youngsters, and from some oldsters too. If fact, pretty much the only clouds has been the goal tending. While it is still very early and there many things that go into goals against, so it’s not a big deal, yet. I mean that a goal against, also is a result of failed defense, turnovers etc. It’s a bit early to pass judgement on the Jacket goaltenders, so let’s look at some positives of the skaters.

The two kids making their NHL debuts and of huge interest to fans are doing pretty well. Boone Jenner is establishing himself as a force. Ryan Murray has played well, had a GWG and is fitting like a glove with the Wiz. The NHL “veteran”  youngsters of Atkinson, Johansen, and Eirxon are playing very well and are providing scoring. Dubinsky is showing why he should be captain by contributing all over the ice and in all situations. Gaborik, Umburger, Anisimov as well as other true veterans seem to contribute, mesh well, and provide the foundation for Davidson’s bricks. The younger players who are displaying their stuff in the hopes of making the big club sometime soon are playing well. Winning 3 of the 4 games means a lot of things are looking good. The 2 goaltenders who were slated for Springfield are playing very well……. A lot is good in the Blue Jacket world.

Now comes the “I wouldn’t want to be ya” part, that is the cuts. How do you tell a youngster who was just part of a victory that you are to play something other than the NHL? It’s gotta be tough. The first 5 cuts were pretty much expected and I think the guys all knew that they were going to return to their Junior clubs. Now it’s getting tougher. There are still some players who will go back to their junior clubs. More learning, more growth etc.. But then we get to those who will go back to the professional minors, such as Springfield and Evansville. Some of these players are very young, and almost expect it as part of their maturing. Some are not so young. Their NHL dream is fading. The reality of being a journeyman minor league player is staring them in the face.

All the players know it is a business. All the staff know it’s a business. It’s still tough to be disappointed and it’s still tough to be the one delivering the disappointment.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup




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