Boll contract extended…….What don’t We [us fans] know?

by professor ggrib

Ok the big news from training camp as a for sure is that Jarrad Boll signed a 3 year contract extension, giving him 4 more seasons as a Blue Jacket. So what don’t we know. It has to be something. I mean Boll is not an acquisition of the current management. Boll is not a scoring threat, or a speedster, or a shutdown player. So if Boll is not all these things, what is he? Why would he get a 3, yes that’s right 3 year extension. An extension to a player that many nights gets around 10 minutes of ice time. With all these “are nots”, we also are told, Boll has the “is’s” of fan favorite and as such, does a lot of CBJ fan relations work and room respected. Do these warrant a 3 year contract?

In his junior hockey days, Jarrad was familiar with the net, yes, he was a scorer. Since he became an NHL player, this “scoring skill” seems to have deserted him. The question is, is this his skill level, or his job assignment? In one of the last games of the season last April, Boll happened to be on the ice with Marion Gaborik. Gaboric made a pass to Boll who fumbled it completely with an action that seemed to say “a pass to me, why”?

I happened to have a conversation with a Jacket fan whose son plays Junior Hockey. His son’s roll was changed from trying to score to being a tough guy. His purpose is not to score goals [unless they are there for the taking] but to be tough. He was actually told to lay off the scoring, but to be the tough guy. Is this Boll’s assignment? And for being a good solder he is being rewarded with a contract. It”s hard to believe that his new contract of $1.7 million is due for being a fan favorite and a good voice in the room. It seems a little strange that the first contract renewed from the “old Jackets” by the “brick by brick” guys is a player that has so little scoring history. Is the room presence that important? Is it pay for the entertainment provided by fighting [and the ever increasing likely hood of resulting brain damage]?

I am not a fan of fighting in the NHL. Much less a fan of the fights just for the sake of fighting. I can see an altercation in the heat of battle a lot more than just dropping the gloves at the face off circle type of thing. Thus I had hoped to see Jarrad replaced with a player with more scoring ability, I mean the Jackets always need more scoring, right? Of course, this could possibly mean that his roll is going to be modified somewhat and perhaps he will be asked to provide some scoring punch, rather than just punch.

All in all, I think there must be something us fans do not know that warrants a raise and a 3 year contract to a 4th line grinder with minimal ice time.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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