Jackets 3, Preds 1——revisited

Ready for business

Ready for business

By Professor ggrib

Last nite, the Blue Jackets defeated the Nashville Predators 3 – 1.

Oh, you didn’t know the season had started. Well, I gotta admit, the new season has not, but hockey season is starting. Last nite FSO aired the first of their preseason specials under the name of Classic Blue Jackets. They picked the final game of last year, the Nashville game to open the series. Even knowing the outcome, I enjoyed the game and without the blinders of the immediacy of the moment and as ABC used to call it, “The thrill of Victory and the agony of defeat” clouding my thinking I did see a few things that I did not recall from that game.

#1 The Blue Jackets dominated the game. After the first 10 minutes where Nashville out shot the Jackets 8-1. It was all Blue Jackets. Early in the 3rd period, the Jackets had out shot the Preds 12 – 0. That is to say, Bob had not faced a shot. But if Bob had not shut the door in the early going it could have been a different story.  There is no question the team was pumped, but if Bob had not shut out the Pred’s early  scoring opportunities……. well who knows.

#2 Blake Comeau was a force. In this game, Anisimov was returning from injury and started on the 4th line. Although Anisimov played all up and down the lines, Comeau showed grit, determination and offensive ability, playing on several lines. I had felt his signing was a 4th line upgrade, now I’m thinking his upgrade may be even more than I remembered. The announcers mentioned several times how the new guys of Dubinsky, Anisimov and Foligno had lead the way for the change in attitude/work ethic of the CBJ. Comeau seemed to fit right in to that same mode.

#3 Brandon Dubinsky seemed to be the center of the synergy of the Blue Jackets. Every time you looked, Dubinsky was doing something, and that something was good. As I said they guys were pumped, so everyone was contributing. Dubinsky got the first goal, and Jack MF Johnson scored the GWG. But based on that game, Dubinsky would be my captain.

#4 We’ve heard a lot about Gaborik being a game changer. In that game, he was double teamed some and did affect the game, but I think that AA [Artim Anisimov] will soon be considered a game changer. He just seems to affect the game and the puck all over the ice, that is both ends. He was hurt a lot last year, I am looking forward to seeing him for a full year.

But, all said and done, the past is past. The new season is starting. Go Jackets!!!  We want the cup

Stanly Cup


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