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Who will get top exposure for the Jackets

Who will get top exposure for the Jackets

Recently, The Bleacher Report published an article entitled “Every Teams Best Player under 25 years old“. Of course I was interested in who they had chosen for the Blue Jackets. It turns out that they selected Tim Erixon. This made me rather curious, so I tried to investigate. The obvious first step was to determine who fit the category as under 25.  Surprisingly Artem Anisimov is 25 by about 3 months. So, who is not 25? I went to the team site and selected “players”. Interestingly Ryan Murray is not even listed. [He is listed as being in the system] Here are the players who have NHL “experience” of more than a few trial games. Cam Atkinsen-24; Matt Calvert-23; Ryan Johansen-21;  Tim Erixon-22; Dalton Prout-23; David Sevard-22; and Sergi Bobrovsky-24. [I know including David Sevard could be stretching it a bit] But I’m betting you are a little surprised by the list. It’s shorter that I would have guessed, and try as I can, I can’t convince myself on the established NHL quality of these players.

Bobrovsky should get the nod as to being the most established NHL talent. But despite his award winning year, this coming year is looked upon as a year where he needs to prove he is as good as he played last year. After Bob, the list is 100% players who may be on the cusp of greatness or the cusp of ho-hum careers. So what I see is that the Blue Jackets do not have one player under 25 who is a recognized NHL high level talent. They are all at a point where they will either achieve this recognition or fall into oblivion.

Of course 2 first round draft picks will be making their first appearance on NHL ice this year, that is Ryan Murray and Boone Jenner. But other than that, I guess we have to go back to the Blue Jackets dismal draft performance as well as trades to wonder where all the “established” under 25 player are. Saying that, I’m not sure that even Edmonton and all it’s #1 draft picks can even claim highly recognized NHL top players under 25. [FYI– D Brassard is 25; J Voracek just turned 24; J Moore is 22– these are all first round CBJ picks]

And I will say I don’t understand the post completely as Seth Jones, the Nashville first round pick is listed as their best under 25 and he has never been in a professional game, let alone an NHL game. And they have Filip Forsberg who is supposed to be a good young [19] forward and has played NHL hockey. So why the unknown???

But there is a saying, about one man’s opinion….

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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