Goaltending- The New Season #1 Key



by Professor ggrib

We’ve looked at the player changes, we’ve thought about some keys to the season, now let’s go a bit deeper into what we can expect and hope for.


In the most obviously important position of last year, Sergei Bobrovosky forever called Bob, had an outstanding year. After he started on his roll, he started more games than he should have. But he responded by playing in a Zone that Blue Jackets fans have only dreamed about. This year we are embarking on a season with 82 regular games. Should we pencil him in for all 82? Pretty obviously not. In fact, we have to start the season just hoping he is not a 1 hit wonder that zoned out last year into another place and will return to some reality this year.

His history in Philadelphia suggests that he thrives on playing and on work. So we should pencil him in for most of the games.  If we go with the thought of not working in the back to back games, we get. 1 back to back to open the season in Oct. 3 in Nov; 1 in Dec; 2 in Jan; 3 in Mar; and 1 in April. With 11 back to back, does that mean Curtis McKlinney will work 11 games of the 82? Probably not. Odds are that Bob will have some off games, Odds are that he will need a rest.

Speaking of Curtis McKlinney, He has 69 NHL regular season games and one playoff game to his credit. At Springfield last year in 49 games he had a 2.32 GAA and a save % of .923. He turned 30 in May of this year. His years of experience and his past NHL experience indicate he should not have a meltdown when he goes into net. So his starts should  not be an automatic loss for the Blue Jackets.

So, while we fans worry “will Bob repeat his performance of last year or at least come close” there is another possibility. Will Bob be even better? Remember even though he played in the KHL before the lockout was over, he didn’t start with the Blue Jackets as a ball of fire. Will all the Blue Jackets fans whose heart dropped through the floor when Nashville’s first shot [of about 45 feet] went plopping into the net please raise their hands. –I thought so.

But the story goes that Ian Clark the goalie guru made a few adjustments and wa-la, Bob turns into super goalie.  Can those adjustments get better? Supposedly, that was on Bob’s plate for this summer. Could Bob be even better? I’m thinking if that happens, most Columbus fans will have at least a mild coronary infarction. Well maybe that’s not exactly right, what is it when you are all stopped up like in ” I sh_t  you not” !!!

Nuf said. the bottom line is We need Bob to be at least a very good goalie. Why? Well, we’ll get into that a little more next time.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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