Put Away Your Box

In case you are a Blue Jackets fan that hasn’t caught on yet, the Blue Jackets are now a team, from top to bottom, who do not think inside the box. The Blake Geoffrion move is the current coop de gras, [although I can bet it won’t be the last] to illustrate this. With Geoffrion’s retirement eminent due to a physical injury, the Jackets have tapped into a huge hockey bloodline and knowledge bank with the offer of a scouting position. Here’s a 25 year old kid who probably watched hockey while in “three cornered pants”.  OK, OK for those of you who are of the Pamper generation, diapers used to be cloth and they used to be folded into sort of a triangle {3 corners} for use. The point is the kid used to chew pablum and hockey together. Anyway, Jarmo grabs the young man by thinking outside the box and putting him into a new concept for his life, a new challenge, and opportunity. Why, why no long interview? Because Jarmo interviewed him before he was drafted, and has an idea of him and his character. He’s betting the blood lines and the character blend to make a talented and useful scout.

Outside the box…. How about going up to one of the biggest free agent available, Nathan Horton, and asking him to come to Columbus. There’s none of this old “free agents don’t want to come to Columbus, it’s too close to the cows” thinking. It may be for the Broadway set, but for the bricklaying set, the Midwest heartland is where you build your home and raise your family.

Outside the box…. I’m sure most Blue Jacket fans expected Columbus to either package their resources and get a top 3 draft pick or a player who could score….. Didn’t happen, there is no panic mode, no instant gratification. JD warned us, “Brick by Brick” . So we drafted prospects. Are we stocking the pipeline, sure. Are we building Springfield, sure. Are we building a bank of NHL help ready for instant help there? Sure.

There are going to be some hiccups in the progress of the plan, but we are not going down a “yellow brick road”. We are going  against 29 other teams that are trying to go to  the same place we want to go and the road is tough. But we have a team that is thinking and doing a little outside the box, hoping to gain an edge of those other 29 teams. GO JACKETS

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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