Jackets Prospect Camp-Wed II

Prospect grouped for instructiions

Prospect grouped for instructions

A few more observations from my visit to the Prospect Camp. This was the first opportunity to see many of the prospects. From a personal standpoint, last year at this time and through most of the lockout, I was blogging at “the site that requires a post a day”. Thus I spent a lot of time delving through the minor /junior leagues amassing statistics on players to try to have the required post. This was very interesting. For example: if I checked Lukas Sedlak, I was into sites that were strictly French speaking, as he was with Chicoutimi of the QMJLHL. If I wanted to check Trent Vogelhuber it was [at that time] Evansville of the ECHL, whose coverage is vastly different that the AHL.  I really enjoyed listening to the Springfield Falcons on my computer. Brad Larson appears to be an excellent coach and fulfilled his job or preparing/teaching/disciplining the young men under his care to play for Columbus. Following the CBJ prospects at Springfield was almost as exciting as following the Blue Jackets. [of course many of the then Falcons played for Columbus last year also] So getting to see Larson and the players was satisfying. It makes so much sense that Larson ran the camp, as the youngsters are much more likely to see him and his staff before they ever see Todd Richards.

I had a chance to stand beside D man Thomas Larkin [6’5″ plus skates ; 223 plus pads] Wow that makes him BIG. But all the D men at camp were big. [particularly on skates]

Most of the drills were passing/xx on yy activities. Both goals were active and players moved from end to end, switching groups as they went. This made it hard to follow one player without missing others. A lot of eyes were on Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray. For my money they didn’t disappoint. During the DRILLS, Jenner found the back of the net a lot. So did Michael Chaput. Both these guys are snipers. Murray was a little harder to get a feel for, as he is a D man. But he did uncork a few shots that had some getgo on them. I also liked what I saw of Kerby Rychel, not only a pretty quick shot, but seemed good in front of the net.

This trip to Columbus and being involved in all this new stuff has got to be tough on the young overseas kids. It’s a huge new experience. I was quite interested in Marko Dano. Playing “as a boy in a man’s league” in the KHL [he’s 19] He’s only 5’11” and seemed kinda quiet. But he has some zip on his shot. I’d be surprised if the Jackets are really interested in him, that they don’t ask him to play in Springfield next year. Bottom line is I had a great time and I hope my ramblings have given you some idea of training camp.

SDC15093        SDC15094


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