Beware the Ides of October

With the addition of another “superstar” in Nathan Horton albeit in damaged condition, It would appear that the management team has done quite a job in transforming last years team into a team with just a bit more talent. With one more apparent vacancy in the forwards group, more change/upgrade could be in the offing. But even at this point, there needs to be a little caution applied to the Jacket fanbase expectations.

I have used the phrase, the Ides of October as the anchor for this caution, but it’s specifically about the start of the season. Putting on my naysayer hat let me enumerate a few concerns. AKA remember—The horrendous season that started with the pre-season Wisniewski suspension and then just floundered into the last place finish of the Blue Jackets.

[1] As mentioned above, Horton is damaged goods. By his own interview statement his doctor is saying a return in 4 to 6 months. Based on Ryan Murray [who is slightly younger] it will be 6 months. Although obviously the damage could be slightly different and thus the recuperation timetable different. In any case it will not be the start of the season when he is making his CBJ debut.

[2] A number of blog writers are touting the emergence of Ryan Murray, D, and Boone Jenner,C, as solid performers. Please remember, Murray has not played in a long time and although will start Tuesday in the prospects camp, may need some seasoning in the AHL to get back to a NHL game speed. Boone Jenner arrived at Springfield at the tail end of the season. He did look good in the regulation games and playoff games. But that was a small sample. I like the kid but more experience at Springfield is a distinct possibility for him also. Even if they both stick with the big club, performance at the beginning of the season is likely to be “not so much”.

[3] With youngsters like Ryan Johansen  who is still finding his way, Atkinson, Erickson, Calvert, Prout, who really knows how they will play this season.

[4] R J Umberger has not truly shown up for 2 years and he is even later showing up at the start of the year.

Thus, I am concerned that the Blue Jackets will come limping into the start of the season. With that in mind, it would be easy to lose their way, and just fizzle out for the season.  Yes, I think Vinny Proposal would help that condition both as a player and as a leader. But as has been pointed out in several sources, Vinny may not be a fit for an 82 game season. [I’m thinking it would be nice to sign him for 41 games. ]

But — Beware the Ides of October

We want the cup

We want the cup


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