AA = R.E.S.P.E.C.T and hanging on for the next 2 weeks

Many different bricks and not all are equal

Many different bricks and not all are equal

By Professor ggrib

[1] –The AA contract signing is an indication of respect. BOTH WAYS First, the player, in NY he was more or less a 2nd tier player, just below the star power level. In fact, this is true of both him and Dubinski. But in coming to Columbus, both were told, “put on your big boy pants and play, cuz you’re now the man”. And AA stepped up. No question he played like he was an upcoming star and the fans embraced him for doing it. The contract shows that the team management felt so too.

But it is also a sign of respect for what is going on in Columbus. Can it be? Can it be that players themselves who are not guided by media hype, also believe in the Blue Jacket organization and their plans. Can it also be that a New York resident LIKES Columbus.  May it also be that the team Russian community is conducive to encourage Russians to play here? {Bob, are you reading that?}

All in all, the contract is a huge positive sign for Columbus for on Ice results, fan enjoyment and for the team.

[2]–Now a couple of thoughts on the Draft. In this year, Columbus has a one time advantage in a GM who has possibly the best knowledge of the European players of any GM/team. My thought is that this advantage may be utilized in some manner. We all know the options the Jackets have with the 3 first round picks. Just imagine those scenarios and somehow ending up with European players.

[3]– Of course the Bob question hangs over Columbus, the NHL and in fact the KHL. Unlike the draft, the options are not endless. Read Allison’s analysis from Union Blue. The plusses, minuses, and thinking on Bob’s part have been endlessly discussed. [and of course the above mentioned Russian team community and Columbus fan adoration]  One item which has not gotten much play is Ian Clark. Bob was playing pretty good, and he was in Columbus and was working with Ian Clark, then the switch is turned on and  Bob is a world class goaltender. If Bob believes in Ian, this may be a factor in his decision if he truly wants to be recognized as the best goaltender in the world.

[4]– Also, the Vinny Prospal contract/no contract is of huge interest to the Columbus fan base.

So we just hang on and see how all this all plays out

We want the cup

We want the cup


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