The Next Step


By Professor ggrib

Blue Jacket fans are getting and eye and ear full of what the business of hockey means. Negotiations with two of the free agents should be grabbing you by the short hairs and twisting your stomach into nausea.

The headline negotiation is of course with sheriff Bob. Here’s a goaltender who has captured the hearts of the Columbus fans and the attention of the world. The NHL teams and the KHL are both looking and licking their chops. Meanwhile little Ol Columbus is trying to resign him. It’s a big money game, no question. Bobrovsky’s agent is riding high. Everyone understand that. The Blue Jackets have stated they will resign Bob. The unknown factor is the KHL. But if you truly want to be the best and be so recognized, ya gotta play in the NHL. So far, Bob has worked like he wants to be the best in the world. Thus it’s the NHL. How much for how long will be the question. And even with the Jackets stated intention, it’s still scary until there is a signature on the contract.

The Vinny Prospsal issue is just as intense for fans. l doubt that there is a single serious Blue Jacket fan that doesn’t think Vinny should be resigned. The 2 obvious reasons are his on ice production and his off ice leadership and example of how a professional acts. His mentoring by example is almost legendary in the 2 short seasons he has been here. Even at 38 years of age. He is felt to be a vital cog in the Blue Jackets team.

Yet, he has not been resigned. The new management team recognizes that upgrades must come and appears to be standing ready to sacrifice Vinny to have the roster and cap space to achieve the upgrade. This is a move that will put JD/Jarmo directly into the fire. If Vinny is not signed  and there is not a big improvement or is in fact a loss in results they will roast for many years. If the move is successful, all will be forgiven and the Blue Jackets will move forward. And of course, it is possible that Vinny still will be resigned.

Could we take the possibility of moving up in the draft and getting a NHL ready forward as cause of holding off on resigning Vinny? Maybe, But even if something is in the works, there are no guarantees.

It’s a serious business to redesign and redefine a team. Some eggshells will get broken. This summer is not the last step in the process, it’s only the next step.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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