I Wonder….

By Professor ggrib

Don’t you just wonder…… How Scott Howson feels about the Blue Jackets season? And how in particular he feels about Bob’s success. After all, Howson put the team and coaches together. And he put together most of the team and coaches in Springfield.

I love the John Davidson hiring and the step toward credibility it represents. His “brick by brick” statement was WELL timed and WELL received by fans, But don’t you just wonder what would of happened during last season if the Davidson move had not been made? What if Scott Howson had not been let go?  Would the Jackets have had their streak? Would Bobrovsky have been made the #1 goaltender so soon? Or would it have been quicker?

What if there had not been a lockout? If a whole season had been played the Springfield youngsters would not have had the time to get experience and grow before the NHL season opened? Bob would not have played in the KHL before the NHL opened.

There are lots of ” what if” possibilities. Of course it’s all academic, But still I wonder?


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