Wishing for Action

by Professor ggrib

[1]  And while we wait, signed contracts keep dribbling in. From Dallas, they sign a 39 year old blueliner @ 2 years for $10 million. I keep hoping Vinny gets signed soon, I’d feel better.

From the Dallas News:

“Players like this, they’re real pros. That’s why they are playing so long,’’ Nill said. “You look at what he did last season, and he was a top NHL defenseman. I think any organization would want to add a player like that.’’

[…] “We feel he’s in excellent shape,’’ Nill said about Gonchar. “He adds not only skill to the team, but character, too. These are the kinds of players that can really help us become the kind of team we want to become.’’

Did I say Vinny Prospal?  Like “a real pro”, like “not only adding skill, but character”, “look at what he did last year”,  and finally “help us become the kind of team….”  . And did I mention Vinny Prospal, or even VP?

[2]  When you watch the playoffs, you soon see that the goaltender has to carry a big burden in the playoffs. The playoffs may be a microcosm of the season, but they are highly visible. One mistake, one brief letdown, and your team could be gone from contention.  After all these are supposedly the best teams in the NHL. They should be able to shut down an opponent. So what’s left…… your goaltender. Moral of the story, you can make it to the playoffs with an average goaltender, but you will not go far without one that is “playoff hot”.

So is Bob the goaltender that can be good all season [not perfect, just good] and then be playoff hot. There are certainly enough fans that remember Steve Mason. Was he just not “playoff ready”?  No, I think the whole Jacket team was not “playoff ready”. From what we know, although Bobrovsky is relatively young and his success is not long term, we think he could be the one.  Actually it’s pretty much an NHL consensus that he’s a goaltender whose time is come and one that many teams are ready to bet on. The only questions are [a] How much should you bet? and [b] What other options do you have?  I suspect John Davidson, the old goaltender might be calling this one.

We want the cup

We want the cup


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