And The Wait Goes On…… and On

by Professor ggrib

While we wait, we just gotta keep thinking

[a] The Springfield Falcons were knocked out of their payoffs by a 0-4 sweep by the Syracuse Crunch. But I’m hoping there was some lessons learned in the 2nd round loss, both by the Falcons and the Columbus organization.

The Crunch were actually the previous year’s Cup winners incognito. The Norfolk Admirals, last year’s Caulder cup winners  were re-located to Syracuse. Thus they had many playoff veterans on their team. The Falcons, except for a few individuals,  were pretty much neophytes to post season AHL hockey and did not escalate their game to the playoff level.   Score:  Experience 1 vs Non Experience  0

  1. The players should have seen firsthand, { as in not being told, but actually experiencing it,} that playoff hockey goes to the team that elevates it’s game and will not let its self lose
  2. Brad Larson, being a new head coach should have learned some things toward preparing the players for the level of hockey required.
  3. Although many of the Falcon players will never be NHL players, some will and they will take not only their own personal memories with them to the NHL, but they will impart some of the feelings to other players in the future.
  4. The Blue Jackets management/staff/players/future players will have learned a bit about what it takes to be successful in the playoffs. In their own playoff experience, the Jackets were swept 0-4 in their first round. The team now has multiple players who have playoff experience. But It’s a team attitude that wins. The playoffs are sprints, not long distance runs. It’s a different mindset that is required.

[b] In their podcast “Fire the Cannon”, Lori Schmidt and Eric Smith in the late spring of 2011 coined the phrase “we want the cup”. As can be seen, I liked the phrase and use it to conclude many posts. But I feel remiss if I don’t give them credit for it a couple of times a year. I like it because it concisely “sez it all”.

[c] Next year will be a big year for Brad Larson the Springfield Falcons head coach. This year he was a rookie coach and had great success. If he has similar success next year, he will likely be tapped as “an up and coming” coach and be in the running for moving up in some manner to the NHL.

[d] Actually I guess the same applies to Todd Richards, the Jackets coach. His Columbus experience is pretty positive, but not outstanding. Next year his performance will be the tail that wags the dog on him also.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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